It’s a beautiful, clear, cool (yes, cool) Labor Day morning in Iowa, and I decide to harness up Annabelle and Jeremiah for a nice, Labor Day drive.


Turns out it may not be such a labor-free Labor Day after all. Jeremiah, who is an expert at finding his way into the wrong pastures (who, me?),


has found his way into the really wrong pasture – the burr pasture.


I rummage around the barn, looking for something that might save the day, and what do I see sitting on the sideboard of the carriage? (What a surprise!) Show Sheen Detangler Gel!   

(I’m glad Absorbine and I are friends! : )

Fifteen (yes, fifteen) minutes later, Jeremiah’s parade ready.    

A Labor Day Tail with another happy ending.


Absorbine ShowSheen Detangler Gel